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The Bastard Noise - A Culture Of Monsters

The Bastard Noise - A Culture Of Monsters
The Bastard Noise, well to me anyway, is like a "perfected" version of Man in the Bastard. A Culture of Monsters is their most intense and more hardcore based album yet. Most of their other releases are more scifi based, while CoM is totally political. Just the album cover tells you it all. It's the "Killdozer" which this man, Marvin Heemeyer, snapped and "tricked or pimped" out this bulldozer and made this nearly indestructible killing machine, hence A Culture of Monsters. Musically it's phemonenal. There's no guitars, all bass, which is very rare in rock music in general, Eric Wood, who is the bassit & vocalist, is one talented man. Good lord his "vocals" which are these ridiculously deep growls, and then these awesome classic hardcore yells every now and then. Though there are some ambient and "easy listening" parts of the album, it all actually progresses so well. So if you like your non conventional music, as well your bass, and extreme hardcore, give a Culture of Monsters a spin.
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