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Disavowed - Stagnated Existence

Disavowed - Stagnated Existence
Inspired by bands like Suffocation, Pyrexia, Vader and Dying Fetus, Disavowed was formed in 2000 from the remnants of Nocturnal Silence. With the goal to write music that is brutal, yet well structured, technical and catchy, 3 songs were written and recorded soon after Disavowed formed. The demo CD entitled 'Point of Few' resulted in good responses from all over the deathmetal scene and finally led to a recording agreement with the American label Unique Leader Records. In 2001 the first full length CD entitled 'Perceptive Deception' was released, followed by a 5-week tour in the United States and Canada in 2002 and a 4-week European tour in 2003. After a long period of wrist injuries of the drummer, Robbe V, a temporary replacement was found in Dirk Janssen of German death metal band Despondency in mid 2005. After doing numerous regional shows Disavowed headed to Japan for their first time ever in April 2006. After that Disavowed, who found a new permanent drummer in Romain Goulon, performed on several festivals such as Brutal Assault (CZ) and Mountains Of Death (CH). Soon after the band started to record their sophomore album entitled "Stagnated Existence" which is scheduled for a late winter/early spring release through Neurotic Records. The new album will show the growth of Disavowed musically, without compromising brutality and aggressiveness.
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