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Oxidised Razor / Olocausto

Oxidised Razor / Olocausto
Legendary Goregrind band, Oxidised Razor from Mexico vs Italian Grindcore band, Olocausto presented on this split CD. Sure to leave your ears bleeding and your intestines full of worms!! Tracklisting: 1. Intro (p.s.) Rise of The Worms 2. Swollen Intestines Full of Worms 3. Drowned In Pestilence 4. John Wayne Gacy 5. Analysis of Pain: Observing The Eventual Reactions 6. Pelvic Evisceration For Urophiliac Purposes 7. Pathological Consequences 8. Kill Women (Anal Cunt) 9. Carbonized Torso of A Heroin Junkie 10. Autopsy Can't Wait 11. Sudden Televisive Apoplexy (bonus live track)

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