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NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST - Overkill Commando

NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST - Overkill Commando
The debut full length from the Polish newcomers that have already gained some good reputation thanks to the demo and many great shows across the country. “Overkill Commando” brings forth 20 songs of powerful, dirty, old-fashioned grindcore heavily influenced by classic bands like TERRORIZER, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, REPULSION. Tracklisting: 1. Abominations of Annihilation 2. Overkill Commando 3. Epicentre of Terror 4. Cryptic Stench of Radioactive Foetuses 5. Power­Hungry Paranoia 6. Religious Mutation 7. Deathbringer of Death 8. Toxic Whore 9. Mashed with a Club 10. Only Cockroaches Will Survive 11. Vomiting Blood 12. Queen of Sodomy 13. Pulverised 14. Nuclear Waste Repository 15. Frostbitten by the Radioactive Fullmoon 16. Desciples of the Flesh 17. We Are the Batpeople 18. Gore Cult 19. God is Undead 20. Atomic Suicide
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