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Bong / Pyramidion – Split
[12'' LP]

Bong / Pyramidion – Split
Here we go, now we mean business! Two of the UK's finest team up to deliver what is a truly great split release, a record where both sides accompany each other perfectly and there's little to call between them. I've been on the cusp of doing something with Bong since being in touch with them since before they even recorded anything and absolutely chuffed to finally sort it out! Their side of this LP is one long untitled jam, starting off rather innocuously enough, we're soon into full-on stoner mode. This has a definite "live in the studio" lo-fi sound that's characteristic of most Bong recordings, but is more trippy and less "heavy metal" than much of their output. Particularly there's a real eastern influence going on here, and Malesch by Agitation Free comes to mind. Everything builds up to a total proper psychedelic blow-out crescendo, and this side is as close to a true representation of Bong's semi-improvised live sets as any I've heard. Pyramidion are a bit of a Scottish-based international supergroup, featuring several chaps from the fertile Weegie (and Edinburgh) underground scenes. As with Bong, they take up a whole side with their jam, which is less loose and more circular than the Geordie stoners'; it has a very early Krautrock sound with perhaps more than a nod to the legendary live jam sounds of 13th Floor Elevators, Grateful Dead or perhaps Ozric Tentacles (for which they are named by!). Everything builds around a really solid rhythm section with some proper far-out guitaring and spaced vox toward the end. Great these guys are finally out on vinyl, check out the fantastic brain-melting collage artwork whilst listening!
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