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Putrescence - Voiding Upon Pulverized (Czerwony Splatter)
[12'' LP]

Putrescence - Voiding Upon Pulverized (Czerwony Splatter)
The final disguisting slab from Canada's Gore Grind maniacs PUTRESCENCE!
A fitting display of filth that embodies the seminal Death Grind band of over 13 years.
Release comes on the heals of the band's performance at Maryland Death Fest!!!

Track List
A1. Voiding Upon the Pulverized 2:12
A2. Unrecognizable Me 2:48
A3. Air Hissing Out of Shanked Up Throat 2:11
A4. Detrunked Wizard Hacked to Bloody Pieces, Part III 2:40
A5. I Shit Your Pants 2:19
B1. Squeeze and Squirm Until Your Eyes Water 2:15
B2. Burnt Off Mucus Membranes 1:27
B3. Catastrophic Living 2:53
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