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Agathocles - Mincing Throught The Maples
[12'' LP]

Agathocles - Mincing Throught The Maples
THERE´S NOTHING WRONG WITH YOUR SPEAKERS - IT´S ONLY MINCECORE FROM HELLGIUM! "Mincing through the maples" contains some great raw Agathocles tracks that were recorded live on 19th August 2015 at the "Coalition" club in Toronto, Canada. Many of the favorite Agathocles songs are in the setlist and the sound captures all the spirit of this gig. Agathocles had much trouble in Canada, therefore for the band this is a release to say thanks to all the people who have been so helpful, caring and supportive when they played there. You can read the full story at the liner notes written by Jan AG. The black vinyl is limited to 300 copies. It´s housed in a 350gr gatefold cover and a black poly lined inner sleeve.

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