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Black Hole Of Calcutta ‎– Black Hole Of Calcutta
[12'' LP]

Black Hole Of Calcutta ‎– Black Hole Of Calcutta
Chico California's BLACK HOLE OF CALCUTTA (known as BHOC from this point on) were a name I was familiar with before spinning this record, I don't think I have seen them and I don't own anything else of theirs but they are certainly familiar to me. BHOC have a heavy, swirling, dark and thick sound that jumps from crust to grind and back again, usually living on the grind side of things. But even with that said there are some sick as fuck crusty breakdowns that would make the dudes in STORMCROW proud. I have to throw it out there...They remind me a lot of Denver's DRIPFED (Val and Attucks' band). It's that wonderful blend of crust, dark hardcore, grind and metal...BHOC may lean more towards the grind side of things than DRIPFED, but both subscribe to the "throw it all in the blender and smoke it" approach to rocking. This is a solid effort from every aspect. The production is near perfect allowing the music to retain it's grit without losing any of the power or becoming too blown out. The more I listen to this record the more I like. This is one of those few times when you take something from the review pile add it to your own collection rather than put it the contest prize box or the sell box or even the trash. Live I am sure they are brutal and invoke plenty of headbanging, fist pumping and pit action. Word
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