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Fleshless - Devoured Beyond Recognition
[12'' LP]

Fleshless - Devoured Beyond Recognition
Much can be said about a band that exists since 1993, but is not widely known, even in the circles of the kind, devoted fans of the genre. I won’t start analyzing the dozens of reasons why this happens; I’ll just say that only some people even nowadays actually play because they like it and don’t care either for money or for fame. I think Fleshless belong to this category, and this is why I appreciate them and respect them. With eight albums under their belt, one can easily find that there is consistency and stability of their playing. “Devoured Beyond Recognition” is a brutal death metal torrent, but differs in one key point with the majority groups of the genre. You can “smell” the fact that the record is old school and thankfully lacks this plastic sound we often come across in recent years’ works. The album starts with a short intro and ‘Dead Never Dies’ is the opening track at a staggering pace, elaborate riffs and vocals. The next track ‘Epitome Of Malefice’ continues in the same pattern but here, a more old -school Swedish thrash version of Fleshless unfolds, which we meet in ‘Spirit Deformed’ and ‘Divine Ruination’ as well. The general framework, which the Czechs are setting, is a brutal death metal one, but reveals influences from other genres. That way the band manages to gain interest. Noteworthy is the fact that each piece has very good riff that sticks in the mind and very beautiful solos. The only negative thing I found is Prokos’ voice. It gets tiring. Although Prokos is extraordinary and special, with a very deep and vibrant brutal complexion, the way he sings is fairly one-dimensional and unimaginative. Otherwise, the production is excellent, appropriate for the genre, the cover art is great and the overall atmosphere is amazing. It’s exactly what an underground brutal death metal band should do, respecting itself, and of course having fun.

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