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Skullhog - The Evil Dead
[12'' LP]

Skullhog - The Evil Dead
This words dont lie: "The never released predecessor to "Slowly We Rot" (Aardschok magazine) "Massive, dirty and full of power in your face. You can't get through the winter without this SKULLHOG 12!!" (/Bones Brigade Records) "X-mas is right around the corner so help out an amazing underground distro/label and give the metalhead in your life the gift of some awesome music for the holidays." (Up From The Underground Webzine) "it's all skulltastic! The cd rips bowels....heavy and sludgy as fuck......deathly as hell." (Chris Reifert/Autopsy) "Autopsy can retire on a pension with no worry - these guys will carry all their flags and raise their own that hardly are worse." (

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