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Nun Slaughter / Lurking Corpse
[7'' EP]

Nun Slaughter / Lurking Corpse
Two of HELLS HEADBANGERS' most horror-ridden bands team up for an exclusive split 7": Devil Metal legends NUNSLAUGHTER and horror punk/metal mavericks THE LURKING CORPSES! Firing on all cylinders after their triumphant Angelic Dread, NUNSLAUGHTER storm from the gates with "Hordes of Gomorrah" - three minutes of catchy 'n' cranky death metal the way only they can. On the flipside, fresh from their Workin' For the Devil comeback, THE LURKING CORPSES deliver a malevolent mid-tempo 'banger in "Creatures of the Blackened Moon," sounding a lot like its title. Sure to be a teamup for the ages: get it before it's gone!

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