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Armagedom - 10 Mil Anos De Terror
[12'' LP]

Armagedom - 10 Mil Anos De Terror
In early 80's Armagedom was part of the growing punk movement taking place in the Brazilian city of São Paulo. In 1984 they recorded a 14-track Demo tape which was then officially released in 2003, with the name "Princípio da Agonia 1984". Their first appearance was in the 1985 punk compilation "Ataque Sonoro" which also featured crossover/thrash acts Lobotomia and Ratos de Porão. By the time Armagedom released their first full length (86), the intensity in their music was such that it had little resemblance to punk. Today one could fit that album somewhere between death/thrash/hardcore. It's been also referred as "deathcore". In 1994 the band split-up and regrouped in 1998 after fans from the Finnish act Força Macabra contacted them to make a project together. Armagedom has been touring since and a new album is out now: "Sem Esperanças".
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