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Nyctophobic - War Criminal Views
[12'' LP]

Nyctophobic - War Criminal Views
After 20 years this grind core masterpiece is finally released on Vinyl!
Info from the band:
''Our first album, originally released by Morbid Records. We were never satisfied with the mix of this album but people are craving for it, so there you go. Two pressings of the CD have been made. The first press was 3,000 copies, the second one from roughly 1998 or 1999 in unknown quantity'.'
Now limited to only 500 copies on multicoloured vinyl (many different colours like Blue marbled, Green Clear, Dark Brown, Red and some others!).
Released in co-operation from Fat Ass Records & GRINDFATHER PRODUCTIONS.
Comes with A3 insert one side with poster & second side with lyrics and photos!

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