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Morgue - Doors Of No Return
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Morgue - Doors Of No Return
Cult metal maniacs MORGUE has returned to the scene in 2012 and here is the testimony. This is their third album to date, clearly bursting out this ferociously angry and awesome fierce grindcore. Stirring up a pissed off mix of evilish tunes and dissonant tones, this is all about modern grindcore though. France's MORGUE pound out a furious nine song grand fucking slam of a record. credits released January 13, 2016 Recorded at Galargues, France, august 2015 by Michton dit Michton. Mixed and Mastered at Menegroth/ The Thousand Caves, New York, USA, september 2015 by Colin Marston. Additional Mastering by Magnus Lobierssön, october 2015. Cover and graphic manipulation by Fred Bouchet for Sunrise Studios. Additional vocals by Fred (FERAL) & Will (MUTIILATION). Released through Basement Apes Industries, Trendkill Recordings & Fat Ass Records.

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