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Libido Airbag - Testosterone Zone

Libido Airbag - Testosterone Zone
It's been quite a wait. 10 years since Miss Melanoma, without a single split, or appearance. So much wait that it became valid to wonder. Will Libido Airbag make it, without compromising/becoming redundant/turning to classic porn grind? Well, just a few tracks after the first listening, it appears that they a way. But first things first, the sound is really really great, as sound production improved over the past ten years, and it still feels ok, since the "clear sound" production never takes on the feeling of weirdness that made the band famous in the genre. But the real greatness of this album to me is obvious: they just don't give a shit about what they could have done, they ignored the evolution in speed/power, just to continue playing the music they like, and you can feel it in the intro, and all along the tracklist, they just know how to put the cyber in cyber grind... It really feels like Barrel Blowjob, with everything even better. Songs like Into the vulva vortex, Frostbitten gloryhole or Sadomasochistic gas mask goat develop such electronic patterns that just make the difference: you're not listening to cyber grind, you know instantly it's Libido Airbag. On the negative side, I'd go for getting a bit sore of a few tracks that induce the same feeling, and sometimes the drum'n'bass/growl thing gets a bit old to my ears. I can't really tell "this song is lame", "this one is too long", because it's an overall feeling, that in the end, even though this album is really good to me, it sometimes fails to be as weird and experimental as Miss Melanoma. I really get that it's a question of when/where/how, but I just couldn't get rid of it. In the end, I really dig the fact that I still feel they're trying new stuff, while keeping it German style. Whether you love it or hate it, in the way that even if you hate it, it remains possible to see they're trying to do something else than following the train of power violence or porn grind, which is priceless. Reminds me of bands like Dr Corpsefucker or Throat Plunger. And you can see that just by the cover of the release, like "we don't feel the need to put close ups on vaginas, they know us now, it's all about the tracks". So you get it, I really find it hard not to love those guys, they are one of Germany's finest, and their next album will still manage to get me waiting for it. (BRAINDEAD WEBZINE)
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