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Hypochristians - Terror During Prayer
[12'' LP]

Hypochristians - Terror During Prayer
Hypo Christians can be described as the one of those bands that established how early 90s grindcore should really sound. Despite the fact this Texas team is alive for more than 20 years, their first full-length album saw the light in 2011. And the album turned out to be real good, but we would talk about it later. Design was done by Robert Mena and Ray Rivera, cover art is full of "love" for the christianity, hehe, we can see a reaper bringing some fresh bodies on a meat hooks also a flame which engulfs all the prayers. Burning churches, horned demons torturing lost souls... This is what you would enjoy on the cover art. I guess artists are the fans of black metal or maybe they are familiar with the dark side of christianity... Now lets check the contents of the wax: with no doubt I can tell this one is a tornado. The sound is massive as hell, it literally chops your head off. Guitar tone can saw you in half, I can feel it is already disintegrates my flesh. Bass vibrations together with a drumming destroys my body from the inside, and when you hear the vocalist you can feel the locust swarm surging from his mouth (like in the bible).
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