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XXX Maniak / Coffins
[12'' LP]

XXX Maniak / Coffins
XXX Maniak opens with a judge reading the verdict of Ramirez and then the grindcore accelerates. Being an one man band the use of a drum machine is inevitable and sounding like a bulldozer, primitive with enough blasts. The distorted guitars play the metal riffs but no leads and they are subordinate to the drum machine and the vocals. The vocals are now done by Matt himself and he is changing his style. He can hear him growl, shout or demonic narrating. XXX Maniak is not sounding that chaotic anymore with the old vocalist and hyper active drum programming but more structered. Coffins is the other band ad they play the opposite, namely stoner doom. So quite a contradiction to XXX Maniak and difficult to judge after hearing it in one run. So listened to Coffins another day and what they bring is heavy, really heavy. With their 12 years of experience and several releases they still have the heavy vibe of the guitars. Tempo is ofcourse slow with the growling vocals. Problem with this type of musick is that is quickly sounding the same to me. Even if they play a song of Cathedral I think they are playing the first song. Nevertheless, a split that takes you from both sides if you please.

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