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Łeb Prosiaka / Nuclear Holocaust

Łeb Prosiaka / Nuclear Holocaust
THIS IS PRE-ORDER. SHIPPING DATE 20 FEBRUARY 2017 After more than 10 years cult polish band Leb Prosiaka is back with new stuff!! We have here 7 new, especially recorded for this split in February at Rumoria Studio. Definatelly the best record up this date in their whole existance! Songs are more expanded with crazys solos and rhythms. Those songs are created to destroyed your Ears!! And at the end few funny akcents we love the best! Not even 2 years past when Nuclear Holocaust recorded Mutant Inferno - their first demo which represents self and imediately jump into high step on local scene. They already played 50 gigs, recorded full lenght Cd and this is another split - but it's just the begining!! Only positive reviews through underground in whole world and lots of people on their every gig are just the proof of high potencial in their Thrash Grind Punk style! Five new songs are convicted more that thy are simply the best in what they do! A cherry on the top is limited to 500 copies Digipack with artwork from Elvis Castrello and layout by Pawel Ozon. Total effect - FUCKING AWESOME RELEASE A MUST HAVE FOR EVERY EXTREME FAN!

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