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DEIVOS - Endemic Divine CD

DEIVOS - Endemic Divine CD
Po dwóch latach od wydania „Theodicy” DEIVOS powraca z piątą dużą płytą! „Endemic Divine” przynosi 8 potężnych, ciężkich i technicznych numerów brutalnego death metalu, z jakiego znany jest lubelski kwintet. Materiał ponownie zarejestrowano w Zed Studio z producentem Tomkiem Zalewskim. Dla fanów MORBID ANGEL, SUFFOCATION, CRYPTOPSY. This is going to be a very busy year for technical death metal with a variety of releases from a variety of labels and Endemic Divine is not one you are going to want to slip by. For fans of Morbid Angel, Spawn of Possession and Murder Made God. There is a fine line between brutality and technicality and Deivos do a fantastic job of balancing both elements. Crank this up to eleven and bring on the hair whips. Endemic Divine is a winner for sure. – Teet Of The Divine Their best killings: the oppressive and technical “Daimonion” with very good tempo changes (the drummer is really an octopus, with a heavy and technical work), the morbid massacre unleashed by the guitar riffs on “Apeiron”, the strike of aggressive technique of “Dust of the Universe” (here, the vocals are really amazing with these guttural way), and the thunderous assault of “Through the Eyes of the Hangman” (with some wonderful bass guitar parts). Again, they unleashed a very good album. Keep the high spirit! - Metal Temple (rating: EXCELLENT) The eight tracks still have energy and intensity as staples, but they work even better due to the addition of groove, pointy leads and cool breaks, creating a cool vibe of their own. This makes the album their strongest release so far. Very cool to hear a band that has been around as long as these guys are still developing their style! A very decent brutal death release. - Lords Of Metal (79/100) Tracklista: 1. Daimonion 2. Apeiron 3. Sisters of Mercy 4. Dust of the Universe 5. Gods of Death 6. Through the Eyes of the Hangman 7. Courtesan 8. Endemic Divine
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