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Excruciating Terror - Legacy Of Terror

Excruciating Terror - Legacy Of Terror
This masterpiece of early L. A. Grindcore contains the first official recordings from Excruciating Terror, the A side include the first demo »Visions of Terror«. Eight tracks infernal brutal old school grindcore, recorded in February '91 in the following lineup Javier Arqueros - Bass (later in Nausea L. A.) Martin Alvarado - Drums (later in Despise You, Stapled Shut), Raul Caballero - Guitar, Jerry Flores - Guitar (later in Despise You, Bloody Phoenix) and vocals from Victor Garcia. The recordings from flipside are from September 1991, the band recorded 4 new tunes for the »Legacy Of Hate« EP with the same line up. Ultra-brutal grindcore with the awesome vokills from Victor Garcia. The vinyl version contains also 2 bonus songs recorded live from the early 90's. Really classic L. A. Grindcore out of '91.

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