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GOREROTTED – Mutilated In Minutes Picture Lp
[12'' LP]

GOREROTTED – Mutilated In Minutes Picture Lp
Too Deathmetal to be grind, to grind to be Deathmetal, Gorerotted perfectly blurs the lines, they are deathgrind! Gorerotted is all about having a good time, but while a band as Pungent Stench relied mostly on dirty grooves, Gorerotted leans more towards the intense side of things. Tracks like “Put your bits in a concrete mix”; “Cut Gut, Beaten, Eaten” and “Gagged Shagged and Bodybagged” may already be classic tracks with their demanding hooks. Also elements of Macabre’s twisted black humor saturated sing-a-long appeal weave their way in and out. A band and album for those certainly looking to ‘’just have fun’’ while still being thrown head first into the savage and intense aesthetics that Death Metal and Grind embodies. Vocally Gorerotted is split between one piggish grunter ape/man hybrid and one ranting cockney accented nutcase who sounds like a hyperactive Jeff Walker with throat cancer and some rather vile anger management issues. The two belt forth some pretty caustic and rather intoxicating verses and share a chemistry that was always and will always be unmatched. The vocals in some ways are the selling point for this album, you’re going to be treated with some splatstick style humor coinciding perfectly with the Macabre-esque back and forth hook laden vocals. Hell, the vocals are so catchy that when placed along with the tongue-in-cheek lyrics; the cartoon style cover art takes on a whole new meaning... just reiterating once more this album is focused mostly on the ’’fun’’ atmosphere, if you crave things to be 100% serious, 100% of the time you would probably despise this! The overall presentation sounds great and one couldn’t ask for a different nor better suited production job here.It’s unfortunate that the band never had such a raw sound like this again. Musically you could further compare Gorerotted to early Cannibal Corpse, Exhumed, pre-Whisper Supremacy Cryptopsy and heaps of others, but I think that while those references may describe to a degree Gorerotted’s sound they do not represent their ideas and style. They are much more than “just another band with heavy riffs who sing about blood and guts”. If anything this is perhaps the drunken coagulation of the aforementioned along with the previously name dropped Macabre and Pungent Stench, spiced with some Blood Duster; all being played simultaneously with a viewing of any earlier film by Peter Jackson AND the Monty Python troupe at the same time (how is THAT for a comparison!).
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