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PSUDOKU - Planetarisk Sudoku
[12'' LP]

PSUDOKU - Planetarisk Sudoku
The second deep space transmission from the crazed mind behind PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI and BRUTAL BLUES. Pushing deeper into prog and kraut rock territory this is grindcore taking cues from NAKED CITY, MAGMA and KING CRIMSON. Four long tracks of space grind with guest appearances by Anders Hana (vocals), Inge Breistein (saxophone) and Wei Li (vocals). It was recorded next year in a parallel universe where grind didn't develop from hardcore punk and thrash metal but from 70’s prog from the future. A must have for fans of THE MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA, KING CRIMSON, NAKED CITY, NAPALM DEATH, MR. BUNGLE, ANTIGAMA.
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