Welcome to Fat Ass Records, where we’ve been making the FATTEST records since 2015.

Our production studio

Jason “Ace” Williams has been operating as CEO since our record labels inception.
Based in the heart of east Los Angeles, Ace started the label by himself with the goal to empower rappers from California, his home state.

There are currently three musicians on the labels roster: Donte Maxx, G-ONE and Treyvon Beats

In 2018 Fat Ass Records was given the opportunity to expand operations into Atlanta.
Not only did we expand our recording operations, we added five new services to help up and coming artists launch their music.
With all this growth we knew it was time to expand our team.
We now have a full time in house Producer, Branding / Marketing Expert and a Mixer / Mastering Engineer.

If you need Soundcloud promotion, we work with companies like SC SuperFans to help artists launch their music career. We offer everything artists need to take their music to the next level!

If your in east Los Angeles, be sure to come by and check us out!